Monday, June 23, 2008

Bogged Down in a Soggy Town

The setting sun cast a silvery gleam on the water running in Main Street. The waters look peaceful but there is a strong current here on the far side of the sand bags.

Hundreds of carp spawn in Firemen's Park, an area where people usually walk or sip coffee. As of last evening there still were knots of people watching, chatting and taking photos. All those speckles under the fence are fishy fins.

I've posted several photos of water in peaceful reflections but this one of the Milwaukee Street bridge shows how high and fast the Rock River is running. It crested Saturday, but I couldn't see any change in the water level yet Sunday evening.

On the different subject, I am feeling amazingly uncreative, and I'm not sure why. All winter and spring I drew and painted every day, feeling good about it, pleased and surprised at some of the results I achieved. But since the show at the library has gone up, despite supportive calls and notes from friends, I have little enthusiasm for picking up a pen or paint brush. I did participate in the Beloit plein air event (before the park flooded out), and I did submit some experimental work to a Wisconsin Regional Artists Program show in Whitewater. But my heart isn't in it. It could be that I just had lots of nervous energy going getting ready for the library show, and now that it's hanging, I'm tired. It could be that I just need to look for more balance in my life, take more advantage of the nice summer weather to work outside in the garden. It could be that minor disappointments like my aunt not being able to see the show the one day the library closed, or not receiving awards at competitions bothered me more than I want to admit. I don't know. But I hope it passes soon.


JoAnn said...

Sorry you are in a funk. I do think having balance is important, not doing too much of any one thing (which is why I don't clean too much LOL). I think your guesses as to why you are feeling this way are probably all pretty valid. I also believe that creativity "comes" and just cannot be summoned up on demand.

This, too, shall pass.

Rayne said...

Wow! That flooding looks serious. Amazing pic of the carp, though. So many.
Sorry to hear your muse is on vacation. I have learned the best way to get it back is to totally ignore it, and just do other things.
I know it can really feel sad, and scary and sometimes lonely not being able to just effortlessly create. Sometimes when the muse comes back, you find yourself with fresh new ideas and a different style entirely. So, just relax and see what comes of it. I bet you'll be back before you know it.

MissDaisyAnne said...

Me too! I've felt very dry lately. I'm thinking that this is all a result of my mother's death, its only been 3 months. I am reading though, have had a lot of company this summer so far also.

Teri C said...

I am so amazed seeing these photos. My daughter showed me some areas with flooding but nothing like this!

Sharon said...

Hope your muse has returned, Sherry, and that your town has dried out!