Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still Experimenting

Sometimes things happen unplanned, but wonderful. I had a photo of a woman selling eggs from the back of her truck at a farmers' market, and I tried several gesture drawings, and blind contour drawings, trying to come up with an interesting design. This was sitting on my desk yesterday, when a reflection from a window crystal painted it with color for a moment.

I took the drawing and used it as a basis for a 12x16 inch watercolor. I wanted to incorporate the figure into an overall design, and I wanted to combine transparent watercolor with gouache. I'm not in love with the results, but I think I want to keep trying a few more in this direction.

On a different note, the waters of the Rock River are still rising. Yesterday we took a bike ride to see how close to the library the water has risen. This is the lower level of the parking area. The water has not reached the doors, though they are pumping water from the basement. So far the building is still open for business. I thought the reflections of the lights in the water was interesting.

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Shelly said...

Hopefully the water won't reach the doors. I think the lights reflecting in the water is interesting too, great shot of that!