Saturday, June 14, 2008

Into Every Life

Lower level of the Hedberg Library, sandbagged

Library parking lot about 10:00 AM

Workers at Beeline Alignment, sitting on sand bags as the Rock River rises

Into every life some rain must fall, Wordsworth says.  

My dear aunt and her two daughters and granddaughter drove down to Janesville from Green Bay today to see my art show at the library.  After a frantic week of painting and framing for the Edge of the Rock plein air painting event, we got the house cleaned, the lawn mowed, and lunch prepared for their visit.   But an hour before my family arrived we lost power at the house.  It was strange, since in a week of thunder storms power had stayed on, and this morning was clear and sunny.  The power was off almost 60 minutes, but we were OK because we had already cooked and cleaned. Earlier in the morning I had gone down to gawk at the rising Rock River, and see what was at the farmers market.  That's when I took these photos.  But after lunch when we got to the library paper signs were taped on the doors saying the library was closed indefinitely.  They came all that way and never got to see my paintings.  After checking the Hedberg website this evening it says that the library closed because of a power failure, and it expects to reopen tomorrow.  This was the first time since 1990 my aunt had come to visit and my cousins had never been here, so I felt awful about this unexpected turn of events.  We did make a short visit to Rotary Gardens, which is always pretty.  But then they needed to get back, and I needed to get to Beloit for the judging of the paintings there.  I didn't win anything (which didn't surprise me), and my paintings did not sell, though they will be displayed until the end of the month. Someone still might decide to purchase one.  I drove home from Beloit this evening in another storm.  

The rain will stop some time; the river will stop rising (it's supposed to crest Wednesday). Things will start looking better.  I could remind myself that our town isn't nearly as bad off as others further west and north; our downtown isn't totally under water.   I could be happy that I live high and dry on a hill; my house isn't going to tumble into a river.   I could remind myself that we had a nice lunch and visit today; it was great seeing everyone again.   But I sort of feel like the best thing might be to pour myself a glass of wine, and see if I can find my boots and umbrella.


Sharon said...

How disappointing that your relatives didn't get to see your lovely exhibit. But I'm glad to hear your house at least is high and dry. I've been wondering about you as I've watched the news and scenes of devastation in the midwest (floods and hurricanes). Seeing those images has put a stop to my whining about the overcast skies and cool weather we're having in Oregon.

JoAnn said...

Sherry, I think you deserve a prize just for panting outside in the elements. OY VEY

What a shame your aunt's library visit was unable to take place. So nice of her to come (try)to see it.

JoAnn said...

oops, that would be painting, not panting, altho you may have been doing that, too!!!

Judybec said...

Yikes! Those waters are rising.... hope you and your family can stay high and dry.