Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creek's Risin'

Fast sketch of pumping station no.3, sandbagged

Hedberg library parking lot, flooded by the Rock River

Shot from inside the library, in the Ground Level coffee shop

The Hedberg library parking lot is filled like a bathtub with the chemical and sewage laced Rock River. Sandbags surround water pumping station no.3, and the doors to the lower level of the library. The building's back side faces the river, and has huge windows that show the rising and racing water. Chatter is that two more large buildings downtown have had their power turned off and are now closed. The river is supposed to crest Wednesday, and then take at least a week to return to normal levels, though when it does the city is going to need to find a new place for their annual 4th of July fireworks display. Everyone is grateful for a clear and sunny forecast for the next several days.

To see more pictures of area flooding, this link to the local newspaper is interesting:  http://gazettextra/galleries/flooding-photos/

Talk in stores and on the street has temporarily turned from the closing of the General Motors plant, which is probably OK. While we are not directly affected by either of these memorable events, I find that I am too distracted to do much reading or artwork. I sketched the pumping station, and started a painting, but have little enthusiasm for finishing either one.

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