Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Meet Bucky. The vet says she's about two. All I know is she is seven and a half pounds of pounce and purr. She spent the morning sweeping dust bunnies under the bed, unhappy about a first trip to the vet, but this afternoon all is forgiven and she's looking for affection. It has been so long since we've had an active and vigorous cat that I had almost forgotten how much fun they can be.

Besides getting settled in with the new cat, I made a trip to the local FFA plant sale at my old high school. It still is a treat to drive over there in shorts a tee shirt and sneakers, after years of dressing up and wearing "professional" shoes. I got myself a bright flat of pink and white impatiens for my flower borders, and then spent the rest of the morning pulling weeds and planting. This is pure joy for me, to be outside on a beautiful day, smelling lily of the valley and lilac, planting flowers. When I was teaching May was a stressful time, getting ready for exams, worrying if certain seniors would be able to earn the credit they needed. The weather would grow warm and instead of being able to enjoy it, I had to find ways to engage young people whose hearts were outside in the warmth and sunshine. Some years all my spring flowers, the trilliums, bloodroot, jack in the pulpits, poppies, would be finished before I even got to see them. This year I get to revel in the beauty of spring.

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