Monday, May 14, 2007

Putting It Out There

 watercolor of downtown Janesville sign (sold)

colored pencil of statue at Rotary Gardens

One of the things I wanted to do once I retired was to paint more, and, I hoped, improve. I am painting more, though now that the weather is glorious, I have been spending more time outside than in my little studio (converted guest bedroom). I made it a goal to show my work, and to work toward having enough framed pieces to have a show. I still don't have enough for my own exhibit, but I have two pieces in the Beloit Art Walk that is coming up Friday and Saturday.

One entry is a watercolor of the sign of a local Chinese restaurant, the Cozy Inn. I've been told it is the oldest family run Chinese restaurant in Wisconsin. I know that when my parents got engaged they ate there and bought their rings across the street. I like the old fashioned neon sign, so that is one piece with a local connection. The other piece is done with colored pencil on sanded paper, and is of a statue at our local botanical garden, Rotary Gardens. It is a figure of a woman holding a small pine tree, so I call it Garden Dryad. Another local connection.

My art will be featured with other nonprofessional artists at the Beloit Art Incubator, which is a small gallery. They're for sale, and part of the price goes to the Incubator. We'll see how it goes. No matter what, it will be fun walking from place to place, grazing and sipping, and maybe buying some art.


JoAnn said...

Sherry I love the painting of the sign. It is very evocative.

Good luck with your show.....the Incubator (great name) sounds very unique.

One ? --what is "sanded paper"?

Have fun at the Art Walk.


Sherry said...

Sanded paper has lots of "tooth." Essentially it is a fine sandpaper that accepts pastel or colored pencil well. This particular paper was tinted a pale gray/green.