Monday, May 21, 2007

Brave Self Portrait

This is me, more or less. I painted a watercolor of myself a year ago for an online challenge (see the Watercolor Passion link). I took my little digital camera out by the lilacs, held it up, and took my own picture. I was peering over my dorky plastic reading glasses, because I thought that was how all my former students thought of me, and frankly I have them on more of the time than not. Then I went up to my little studio, sketched me, and did my utmost to make it look like me. It does, but more in attitude than actual fact. I entered the painting in a Wisconsin Regional Artists show last summer, and the judge called it "brave," which I took to mean unflattering. Then he went on to also say it was "unsuccessful." Ouch! OK, he did speak English as a second language and perhaps didn't have a kinder word than "unsuccessful" in his vocabulary, but I can't let that ruin a painting I worked hard on and spent a bundle to frame. There is an exhibet of self-portraits coming up in Monroe this summer; I think I'll enter it there. I also use it as my avatar on Shelfari, so it has become my online self.


JoAnn said...

Sherry, you are sooo good. How dare that man imply otherwise? He must be blind!

On the other hand, I tried *doing* a tree in watercolor last night and it looked like a piece of broccoli! I am hopeless.

Love the sandals too.


JoAnn said...

By the way, every time I want to post here, I have to re-register. My registration just does not "hold", it seems. GRRRRR


Jana Bouc said...

I'm glad you didn't let the judge deter you. I think it's a very successful portrait and the composition is terrific, as are the colors and the likeness. What's his problem, anyway!

Felicity said...

Welcome to EDM! You have a super blog (and a gorgeous cat!) and your self portrait is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing more!