Wednesday, May 16, 2007

They're Back

If you look closely, you'll see that I caught one of our hummingbirds on film, peeking from the far side of the feeder. Growing up on the farm, I never saw these little beauties, but where I live now I have planted honeysuckle vines, and put out sugar water feeders for the past ten years or so. The ruby-throated hummingbirds are the only species that visit here in southern Wisconsin. It took a while to convince the hummers to stop here. The first season I kept making sugar water and never saw a bird. But now we always have at least one nesting pair, and last night I think I saw three dive bombing each other for sipping rights at the feeder. When I'm working outside I generally hear their distinctive whirring hum before I actually see the bird, and I've learned to recogize the chirp they make. My favorite time of day is late afternoon until about supper when the feeder gets sunlight, because then I can see the ruby of the male's throat. Having the hummers return is just another pleasure of spring.


sharon said...

They are magical! Hummingbirds sometimes visit the purple flowers on the Rosemary plant on my deck. It's ALWAYS a special moment when they show up. (ISBN)

Sherry said...

Sharon, I added a picture of the honeysuckle vine that always attracts the hummers. I know if my feeder is dry that the vine will be there for them.

I'd like to see your blog. Either post its address here or email me at, please.

Jana Bouc said...

You have such an interesting blog...books, food, birds, sketches, drawings, poetry. Great stuff! I did a drawing of hummingbird nest my neighbors found a few weeks ago on my blog. It was amazingly beautiful and tiny.