Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Happy Day

I love this photo. It was taken at Kern's Mardi Gras World about seven years ago, and this sunny face has always made me smile.

The other thing making me smile is that we adopted a cat from our local shelter yesterday. She's a "tuxedo" cat, black with white on her feet, legs, and face, or maybe a "holstein" cat. She does all the things my poor old sick kitty stopped doing toward the end. She leaps easily to our laps, purrs loudly, runs like a little cheetah. Unfortunately, she is also a little Houdini, and this morning either thugs broke in and kidnapped her or she has done a masterful disappearing act. The food and water is ready. We have new toys and a scratching post. All we need now is to find the cat.


I was fairly certain that thugs had not broken into the house and stolen the cat, but I couldn't really settle down to doing my day until we found Bucky. Sure enough, she's in the rafters in the basement. I just we'll just have to wait until she feels safe enough to come down on her own.

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