Friday, June 24, 2011

Collage Work in Progress

Unfinished projects - don't like 'em.  I started this collage version of a friend's pet dog over a month ago, and it sat on top of the DVD player in my little studio making me feel guilty.  This week I decided to push the pup further toward completion, although I still have a large painting to finish for a local gallery.  I've shown this work in progress to a couple people, with a lukewarm response.  I don't know - the vintage papers, and bright colors appeal to me.  He's not finished.  His right eye is only painted; no paper has been applied yet, and I want to fine tune the straight lines on his forehead.  He needs a suggestion of whiskers as well.  I hope he gets a warmer response when he's finished.

1 comment:

JoAnn said...

I think this little guy is very cute. He is very appealing and I love the orange rug underneath him. A nice contrast to his fur.