Friday, June 10, 2011

Edge of the Rock Plein Air Entries

11x14 inches, acrylic on canvas

Later today I am headed back to Beloit for an artists' reception for the plein air event that is wrapping up today.  We get to meet the sponsors, vote for a "people's choice" award, and hear who won the purchase award prizes. After that the paintings will be displayed for sale for a month, with a commission on any sales going to the Friends of Riverfront, who organizes the event.

It was an interesting week.  Thee weather presented real challenges.  The day I painted this tree it was sunny and nice enough, but the wind buffeted my easel, the palette, my hat.  The acrylic paint I brought dried almost immediately, event though I misted it over and over.  Still, I was happy enough with my "Fauve" tree. The shape was simplified, the colors exaggerated. 

11x14 inches, acrylic

Later in the week I decided to try another view of the park, this time featuring more trees and a bit of downtown Beloit in the distance.  Once more I went for simplified shapes and intense color choices.  Most of the colors were straight from the tube, or mixed with only a couple colors.  The day I painted this was actually pretty nice, though it was the start of very hot weather that continued until yesterday.  Monday through Wednesday it was in the 90s, and very humid.  I tried painting Wednesday morning, but gave up at noon and returned home to my air conditioning with little completed.  I turned in both completed framed paintings yesterday. 

Whether or not the paintings win awards or sell, I did gain some confidence in painting outdoors.  I have better equipment than before, and a better sense of what I need and what I can get along without. I also have lost some of my initial fear of people casually coming up to chat while I work.  I also enjoyed reading about the Fauve painters, and had fun trying out my interpretation of their painting style, so I count the experience as a success.


Ann's Art said...

Your paintings are lovely and good luck with your entries. I know what you mean about painting en plein air! Scary!!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I love these, and think you will be seeing some sales. The bare tree hanging over the river is especially nice!

Erin K. Nolan said...

I really like the top tree because of the criss-cross of blue shadows over the complimentary orange of the branches. It creates a very interesting composition. Congratulations!