Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last Raven Study for a While

5x7 inches, acrylic and collage

This is really fun.  I've been reading about ravens in an interesting nonfiction book by Bernd Heinrich called The Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures With Wolf-Birds.  I've been looking at smart and talkative ravens on YouTube, and I've been painting the big black birds on scraps of mat board.

These little mixed media studies are designed to help me decide what to do with a 2x4 foot canvas the owner of Raven's Wish Framing and Gallery gave me.  This canvas is a radical departure. I have a small studio, and a small house, so I tend to work small.  I was tickled today when I took her this last study to learn that someone had already bought the other two.  She has recently reopened at her new location in downtown Janesville, and is still unpacking and arranging her store. I look forward to getting going on the large work for her new showroom.


Helen Shideler said...

I love this guy - he is certainly thinking about his next move - well done!

Erin K. Nolan said...

I like this one!

RH Carpenter said...

This one looks almost like ablock print - very nice markmaking to make the shapes of his body and he's definitely about to move on!

swig said...

I love them all! greetings from Paris!