Monday, June 27, 2011

Spaniel Collage Finished

11x14 inches, paper collage on fiberboard

The paper collage of a friend's Brittany spaniel is finally finished.  I wanted to capture the animal's expression, but also to use materials that make the viewer want to stop and look closely.  There are all sorts of vintage papers here, old receipts, pages from a vintage dictionary, cancelled stamps, a Wisconsin map, Japanese rice paper, even bits from a local telephone book.  Click on the image to see details more clearly.

I tried something new for my collage work.  Instead of using 140 watercolor paper and doing a complementary under painting, I did a quick painting in local colors on medium density fiberboard, then used gel medium to add papers over the painting.  I like the effect and the way I could keep adding torn and cut papers without buckling the support.

Now I can move on to another project.


JoAnn said...

This is wonderful! Love it. Are you giving it to your friend?

Barbara said...

I love this!

RH Carpenter said...

Looks like a success! I believe this is the way Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson works on her boards and with acrylic gel medium. Are the eyes just painted, no collage?