Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Community Mosaic Project Submission

6x6 inches, acrylic on canvas

When I stopped at the Hardy Gallery in Ephraim over Memorial Day weekend, I picked up a little canvas for their 4th annual Community Mosaic Project.   The gallery gives out 300 little canvases to whomever wants to participate,  then when the finished miniature paintings are returned, they are assembled into a huge mosaic.  Viewers purchase a number, and at the end receive the painting with the corresponding number.  The trick is that each painting's number is hidden, so that the purchaser doesn't know which painting he or she will receive.  The event is a fundraiser for the popular non-profit gallery. I plan got get mine in the mail today.

The old car in the painting was doe from a photo I took of a rusted out automobile that sits in the grass behind the Edgewood Orchard Gallery.  I took some pictures last summer, thought about painting from them, but then never did.  The small format of this project seemed like a good way to give painting the car a try, and I like how it turned out.  I wanted a subject that might be a little different from barns, flowers, and lighthouses. I hope someone likes it.


Ann's Art said...

I'm sure somebody will like your painting, its lovely and what a great idea with all the little paintings making a mosaic.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished looking quickly at your blog. Hope you won't mind my passing on the mosaic/small painting idea to our area Art Center. I love your work. And I recently discovered that my little camera takes marvelous pictures from the TV and DVD's. So happy to know others have made that discovery too. I'm way down in Arkansas, so your area of the country is really beautiful to me...though much too cold in winter.
Miz.Dee from Flicker Photostream