Saturday, October 11, 2008

Colors of the Season

I have been considering how the colors of the season creep into my painting. Last spring and early in the summer I found myself steeped in pastel shades of yellow, green and pastel rose. Here in southern Wisconsin right now the colors are warm, the ochres and golds of the ripening corn and soybeans, the pumpkins and squash displayed at the farmers market.Orange, red, gold, and some green shows up in the photos I've been taking.

Here you can see the colors just beginning to paint the tops of the trees near the nearly deserted beach in Lake Geneva.  We decided to capitalize on the warm sun and take a boat tour of the lake yesterday. In another week the colors will blaze.

It's interesting to me that the ochres, reds, and greens I'm seeing around here have crept into an experimental watercolor I've been fiddling with this week, even though the inspiration was a photo I took at Sleeping Bear National Seashore in Michigan a month ago.  This painting began as puddles of watercolor swept on to damp 140 lb. Arches, with various items tossed on for texture.  After the paint dried, I peeled off the torn paper and shredded packing material, and began the process of adding and subtracting.  I don't know where the warm colors came from, since they weren't in the original scene, except that my eyes are seeing them all around me now, and I'm attracted to them.  

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Ann said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I clicked the image to get a closer look and am amazed by the rich surface on this. I think for those of us sensitive to color it's unavoidable - colors from our daily experience are bound to have an influence. You definitely used them well here!