Thursday, October 23, 2008

Favorite Halloween Candy

watercolor pencil, colored pencil, graphite

I bought a bag of these chewy peanut butter taffy candies last Halloween, then ate them all by myself.  The kids at the door are after chocolate, and they can have it.  I love these little black and orange confections.  I don't love candy corn, except to look at - the colors are great.  Necco wafers are OK.  Love red licorice, but not the black.  When I was small I had a thing for big red lips, also Dracula fangs made from wax, but they are just too strange for a person my age.  I like taffy apples, but they are too messy for me - all the dripping of juice, scattering of bits of nuts, strings of caramel.  Nope, give me a sack of taffy to unwrap and chew on.

How about some of you who visit me here?  Leave a comment about what sorts of candy you like to find in your Halloween bag.


joann said...

EEEW, I do not like black licorice either. And my favorite way to eat the red licorice is covered in chocolate. Yes, you heard me right!!! A lady near me makes these and sells them in small stores.

Have you ever had one of those giant apples that has been dipped in three or four different things (no stick, though). They cost @ $12+ and are usually in gift baskets that someone sends. We cut it into wedges and call it dessert (one wedge per night). TO DIE FOR!

joann said...

Did you know that blogspot now asks for image verification, so one has to type in those letters? Also, it always "recognized" me but no longer does.

Well, the letters/image would not appear on Safari nor on Firfox. I had to go to Camino to get my post to appear/be approved. Eloise's blog is doing the same thing and she also uses Blogspot.

Lynn Atwood said...

I used to like those big red wax lips - haven't seen those in awhile. You could chew them for a long time. I love your blog and share it with the ladies in our art group. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We made caramel apples with Little Lady apples (very small, very cute) and the Kraft Caramels sans the wrappers (how smart is Kraft)--very good and not so hard on the dental work. (fun being 50 plus)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Susan (Jibskid) from Book Nook. Anonymous sounded kinda spooky, huh??

Sherry said...

In the For What It's Worth category, I found a bag of these candies at Big Lots for a buck and a half. They're called Mary Jane candies, and they're made by Necco. Mine were obviously remaindered, and a little hard, but 5 seconds in the microwave made them wonderfully soft again.

Sharon said...

Oh, that sounds like something I would do! I love those peanut butter taffies, too! A beautiful rendering.