Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Prince

I've been taking a group art class led by a friend at a senior center.  I'm of a mixed mind about spending the time and money.  Part of me wants to spend my cash on materials and framing, wants to concentrate on my own projects.  Part of me wants to get out and try new things and get feedback on what I create.  And there is a wee voice saying, "You can take classes, or you can paint."  Anyway, we were using charcoal to make simple drawings, and then powdered charcoal and fabric dye for interesting texture.  I did this one very quickly, and don't mind the boldness of line.  The design was adapted from a little watercolor I had done in my Moleskine. Besides the charcoal and dye I used the paint I already had on a saucer.  

I'm still reading my book of sonnets.  While many of them seem very personal, some make more general statements about "life, the universe, and everything" (nod to Douglas Adams). The Prince, by Yvor Winters (1900-1968), interested me in light of our current political scene.

The prince or statesman who would rise to power
Must rise through shallow trickery, and speak
The tongue of knavery, deceive the hour,
Use the corrupt, and still corrupt the weak.

And he who having power would serve the State,
Must now deceive corruption unto good, 
By indirection strengthen love with hate,
Must love mankind with craft and hardihood:

Betray the witless unto wisdom, trick
Disaster to good luck, escape the gaze
Of all the pure at heart, each lunatic
Of innocence, who draws you to his daze:

And this frail balance to immortalize,
Stare publicly from death through marble eyes.


Sacredartist said...

Nice Painting. I really like the sonnet, it really does fit our political arena right now. I heard one of the Mexican Presidents say that a Rich Politician is a Good Politician while a Poor Politician is a Poor Politician. We are deceived into believing that a two party system is a choice. It is amazing to me, how many babies George Bush killed through war...even grown babies that became adults...with out ever having to administer an abortion and that seems to be perfectly all right with the conservative right.

Anonymous said...

could you please explain the poem for me? I need to know how does it deal with politics. thnx