Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old Mission Light, and a poem

Watercolor in Moleskine journal, Old Mission Light, Michigan

Night Ferry, by Peter Sacks

Blood-drop, lung of fire setting past
the sea bell and wave; why am I separate
from that giant burrowing into further life?

The body breathes and rides
a heavy-netted ocean swollen
by the tide.  Under the half-moon

it's the lighthouse light that turns
the rest of me to early nightfall,
headland, home.  I send it back,

a mirrored flickering across cold waters.
We allow ourselves the crest that breaks
above the surface then re-forms.

We make it human and we call it love.
The wintering is my own and not the world's,
although the world is wintering.


JoAnn said...

I just love the looseness of your watercolors, Sherry!

caseytoussaint said...

What a lovely post!