Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happiness is a Pile of Leaves

Our Retired Lunch Bunch ladies met the other day to eat salads and catch up with one another's grandchildren, trips, and projects.  One friend had a new car to show off.  I got to brag about my new furnace.  The old one was old enough to vote, and I had images of the machine expiring on some cold January morning.  So we have a new one, but it isn't as fun to talk about as a new car. The other topic of conversation was how beautiful the trees are just now.  Even our waitress, refilling our ice waters for the third time, commented that the color is stunning.  That inspired me to take a short walk around the block. 

I don't know what this tree is, but the leaves are huge.  The ones on the ground look big enough to use as emergency disposable plates.  What a rainbow of colors the leaves show!

I like the way these fallen maple leaves were lit by the afternoon sun.

I though I captured a greedy cedar waxwing swallowing orange berries, but he was hopping around too much for me.

Ash trees blaze as  if lit from within.  We had one in our front lawn until it split in half two years ago during a storm.  The glorious color only lasts a little while though, then the leaves shower down and are gone in a single day.


mARTa said...

I've always said autumn is my least favorite season.....perhaps it's because we don't have autumn in socal!!! What luscious color ...... I would love fall if I could live someplace like where you are.

juj said...

looks like it might be a sycamore - does the bark peel off in big sheets? beautiful colors no matter. exactly why I love fall ~

Sherry said...

Sycamore, eh? We're a little north for the range of that tree, but I think I'll take a walk with my tree identification book later today and see if that's it. Thanks!