Thursday, October 9, 2008

RCHS Oakhill Cemetery Tour

The past week I've been reading about this woman, Nellie Tallman.  She was married to a man who lived in a grand mansion, a place where Lincoln really did spend the night. I've been asked to portray her in an event that the Rock County Historical Society puts on every few years.  They convince a few interested people to portray notable figures from the community's past in a tour of Oakhill Cemetery.  I've stood by her grave and told her story twice before, and I'm looking forward to doing it again on October 18th.  I enjoy the chance to read more of local history and share it with people in an interesting way; this year I rewrote the script so I think it reads a little more smoothly than before.  She has a fancy tombstone, and her plot is in the oldest and prettiest part of the cemetery, high on a hill that looks out over the county. There are some challenges.  I never seem to get a costume that looks authentic, and my hair is just too short to arrange in any way that looks at all Victorian.  Sometimes the weather is an issue.  Last time, about five years ago, I shivered and shook up on the hill in a stiff breeze and drizzle. One of the historical society folks took pity on me and brought me an umbrella. It was amazing to me, but people came on the tour despite the inclement weather.  I have a shawl for this year, and if I'm lucky the weather will cooperate.

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