Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Tyvek Sketches

I'm still playing with the Priority Mail envelope I cut up and recycled as free art material.  This one is supposed to be one of the roosters from Old World Wisconsin, but he looks at little strange, too compact somehow.  I do like the texture the Tyvek "paper" gives to the background.

This one also has issues, one being the coloring book effect of the black Micron pen with the wataercolor and marker washes.  I used both regular watercolor and TomBow markers.  I like the markers because they have both a fine pointed end and a brush end, and can be softened with a brush and clear water.

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Teri C said...

You made these sketches on Tyvek so interesting that I had to try it. Fortunately I got some mail so I had the paper. The paint goes on so interestingly. I'll post it one of these days.