Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Common Thread

6x6 inches, vintage paper collage

My series of small collages continues with a detail of St. John from an alter piece painted for John Donne by Memling.  I'm interested in the pieces that call to me in these, portraits, vintage miscellaneous papers found in a cigar box in my attic, images of plants and animals, sheet music, and that little bit of red thread.  About the thread, it took me a while to realize where the idea came from for that, and it occurred to me that I borrowed it from illustrations by Suana Verlest.  You might like to check out her blog.

Efforts to jazz up this blog's general appearance continue.  I added an altered picture of sunflowers (taken at the local farmers market), and a search box that makes it easy for me to find specific archived posts.  I like both these new features.

1 comment:

layers said...

you have very interesting collages and I like them very much-- love the red thread connecting them