Saturday, May 22, 2010

New "Common Thread" Collage: Flora

6x6 inches, vintage paper collage

This one has part of a Renaissance painting from a wrecked paperback book about the Uffizi Gallery, gas stamps, part of a dictionary page, a garden center receipt, a bit of an old Sierra Club calendar, an illustration from a 1950s science text  about flowers, and some hand painted tissue. I didn't pay attention to who painted the woman - does anyone recognize her?

I've been so wrapped up in old family papers and photos I haven't done much art this week.


Ann said...

I love your collage! Collage fascinates and mystifies me. This one is lovely.

Your old photos are great! What a treasure trove of images you have there!

laura said...

I love the warm colors in this one. The whole series has been truly fantastic. It's wonderful to see each new one; I covet them!