Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still Playing With Scissors

6x6 inches, vintage paper collage

I'm still playing with my envelopes of vintage paper and the paperback book of medieval paintings.  All the men and women look very thoughtful, or perhaps sad.  This is the only illustration in the book that was reproduced in color.

I've been working on making the labels for this blog visible so that readers (and I) can search for topics of interest - an index of sorts.  I've been rather casual and inconsistent in labeling entries, which makes it very difficult to find specific topics.  So I'm consolidating, adding, deleting, and generally tinkering with that part of the blog.  I hope that makes it easier for people interested in challenges, watercolors, recipes, or whatever to find what they want.

This 11x14 oil painting is for sale on eBay here:  eBay auction


Charlene Brown said...

Keep on playing -- just don't run with them!
I think it's a great idea to organize a list of 'topic' labels -- more people should do it -- I'd love to be able to summon up all your old highway ad signs for example

Sherry said...

Charlene, I think I found all the sign paintings!

Sharon said...

Both of these collages are wonderful Sherry. They're just interesting and intriguing to look at (and to think about...)

caseytoussaint said...

That's an adorable little painting - your collages are truly wonderful as well!

laura said...

Love the black bird; goes perfectly somehow with the expression on her face!
The blog is looking great. I should follow your example and make my blog more "usable" but just thinking of it makes me tired! ;-)