Friday, May 21, 2010

Early Farm Transportation - a Few More Photos

I already had this photo of my grandfather, Earl Pierce.  I love the pose, with him tired on the wooden kitchen porch.  It was probably taken the the early 1930s. The other photos are new to me, found in the box of Mother's things I excavated from the basement this week.

Our farm had both a dairy and a horse barn, and I know they used horses for farm work up into the 1920s.

I had never seen this photo until now, and I am not sure what year it is.  I think this is a Ford truck from about 1919.  I know little about old cars and trucks, but I think this style was used for deliveries.  They had dairy cows, and Millard had a cheese factory.  Uncle Gene told me that Grandma Pierce sold eggs, so I suppose the vehicle could have been used for any of these.

If anyone knows for sure I'd love to know more about this car.  I'm guessing a 1919 Ford Model T touring car.  It must have been dusty and bumpy on that long gravel driveway.  

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Sharon said...

These photos are real gems, Sherry. Thanks for sharing them!