Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Roses Are Blue

6x6 inches, vintage paper on Bristol Board

To be honest, the best I can do this week is cut and paste.  I suppose it happens to everyone, but lots of my older friends and mentors are passing away, and it has sent me to a gloomy place.  The dark and damp weather isn't helping much either.

I did enjoy putting this little collage together, though.  A few years ago I found a cigar box in our attic, full of old receipts and paperwork from the first owner of the house.  I've been cutting these up and using them as the background for these little assemblages.  The painting is from a decrepit paperback I bought at the local consignment shop.  The aqua color comes from tissue paper tinted with acrylic paint, and the rose came from a magazine.  I used red thread to repeat the red in the old receipt.  I'm not sure what it all means, but I rather like it.


laura said...

Yes, I like it too (I always like your collages): the underlying 4-square symmetry appeals to me; it echoes a calmness in the woman's face and gesture. The red thread running through ... I'll have to think on what that may mean. Connectedness maybe, in the face of your losses, for which I offer my sympathy.

rrARTz said...

wow... i love this! it's really well done with so much depth!