Sunday, May 23, 2010

Figurative Painting: Week One

11x14 inches, oil on canvas board

Last summer I took a class in life drawing at UW Madison, something I had a great time doing, except for the drive.  The summer life drawing classes are on Thursday nights and get over after ten, and my aging eyes didn't like dealing with the constant road construction after dark.  Besides, I tired, and didn't very safe getting home at 10:30 or so.  

So this summer I signed up for a Sunday morning class called figurative painting.  The description didn't specify what sort of painting, and I had a plan to try watercolor, but when the materials list arrived it was clear most people would be working in oil.  So fine.  I'll try painting people with my water soluble oils. It's clear to me now that the person running the studio thinks we should all work large, and I'm sure the results would be more fun, but I am more or less limited to a size that fits into a large pizza box, since that's the only way I've figured to transport a wet painting.  Also, I have no large walls available for paintings that are no more than three hour exercises.  I was also surprised that the model was draped, since he wasn't in the other class, but the results of painting a draped model are easier to show people. So, this is what I accomplished today, this plus a warm up drawing.  The class, which has no instruction, runs eight weeks.  I hope to improve with more practice.

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