Monday, May 3, 2010

New Collage, Poem

5x5 inches, vintage paper collage

Doing paintings and collage work gives me great pleasure, though it certainly is a good thing I don't try to make a living doing it.  I was tickled to learn on Friday that a full sheet abstract watercolor I did this winter was sold to the dean of our local two year college.  I had several smaller paintings at a local event, and then the full sheet.  Since it was a fund raiser, the sponsors took half of my asking price.  I make my work very affordable indeed, so I am certain that's why mine had a yellow "sold" sticker on it, and not many others did.  Still, thinking about it, after I subtract my framing materials, the cost of a sheet of Arches watercolor paper and paint, I figure I cleared $3.00.  Still, I had a chance to socialize, eat appetizers, and have the satisfaction of knowing some cash went into the school's scholarship fund.  Still no bids on my eBay watercolor auction, so perhaps I will give Etsy a shot.  I'd love to hear from anyone who as had success in selling original art online.

Another Kind of Rain
by Gladys A. Nabbenayash -  in the 2010 Wisconsin Poets Calendar

Again this spring
the tall full crab apple tree
outside my kitchen window is happy
and busily transforming into a spectacular
pink showcase with sweet smelling deicate
yet perky blossoms who begin to crowd and pose
  happily on
each inch of the woody tree limbs.

Soft blossoms take their time
as they float quietly and slowly to earth
choregraphings a pink magic show
giving us another picture of rain in May.

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paperwerks said...

i like this collage! good work.